Welcome to Home & Garden for Mere Mortals!

We created HGMM to empower you to maintain your own home yourself. Most of the home improvement, repairs, maintenance needed to keep your home looking great are not that complicated. Anyone can do anything on this web site and save a lot of money.

One of our primary goals with HGMM is to draw experience and insights from the Mere Mortals community. With your help, we believe that we can provide solutions for out a lot of people. Think of HGMM as crowd sourcing for your home.

We are confident that the articles and videos on this web site provide a solid foundation for every topic covered and give you the knowledge you need to dive in to any project. However, we understand that it is difficult to be comprehensive in a 5 minute video and a short article.

This is where you come in. If you have performed any of home improvement projects we present, we want to know your experience. What are some pitfalls people might want to look out for? What are some tips and tricks that you’ve discovered to make things easier? Did we get something wrong? Tell us. Leave a comment. Your single tip could go a long way to helping a lot of people and may help us all save time end money.

This is just the beginning for Home & Garden for Mere Mortals. Look for this site to expand into all topics related to your home …and garden!