How to Unclog a Toilet


Your toilet can be the source of a lot of headaches. That is especially true when it gets clogged! It is an unpleasant process. You flush and hope for the water and mess to go down only to find it coming up! Don’t panic! All you need is a plunger and a little know-how to get you through!

How to Unclog Your Toilet

1. Grab a plunger
First, make sure you have a plunger on hand. You want to make sure that your plunger has a folded seal on the inside of the plunger head. This helps create a tight seal around the toilet drain. Once your plunger is handy, shut off the toilet water and get ready to begin.

2. Begin Plunging
Force the plunger onto the toilet drain. you want to trap everything in the drain using the plunger. Once you feel the plunger sealed around the drain, go ahead and give a quick plunge. Push the plunger toward the drain so that the plunger head collapses towards the drain. Then quickly pull up.

You may hear the air escaping as your plunge. If you have too much water in the bowl, be sure to bail some of it out. That sounds gross but it is much better than having it splash all over.

3. Finishing up
Continue to plunge repeatedly. Eventually, the mess in the drain will break down because of the water and movement. You should feel the mass dislodge. If you do, simply flush and everything should go down fine.

Before you go on with your day, you want to make sure everything is nice and clean. First, grab some bathroom cleaner (something with bleach) and spray all over your plunger, especially on the inside. Then, flush the toilet and rinse your plunger in clean water. It is also a good idea to clean your toilet after to make sure everything is sanitary.

And you’ve done it!


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