Pressure Washing Basics | Prep Your Home for Painting


Before painting a house, it’s important to thoroughly clean the surfaces. In this video, Chris, The Idaho Painter get us started with some tips on how to use a power washer.

Before you begin make sure that the pressure washer is never aimed at your hands, feet, or any other person.

1. Setting up your pressure washer

The first step to using a pressure washer is to pick the best one! When you are renting a power washer, the bigger the washer, the faster you can wash your house. Bigger washers are able to put out more pressure than smaller ones. For instance, a 1,700 psi washer can take you half of a day to wash your house. You can wash your house with a 3,000 psi unit in about an hour.

Next, you want to select the right nozzle. Some standard nozzles send out the water in a flat fan shape or a straight line. You should try using a rotating tip for cleaning. The rotating tip spins the water in a way that will agitate the surface you are cleaning. This will break up the dirt that has built up.

2. Starting your pressure washer

Attach the washer to a water source on the outside of your house (just like hooking up your hose). Turn on the water and allow it to run through the pressure washer. Do not turn the pressure on without water running through it. This can cause it to overheat and become damaged. Pull the trigger of the pressure washer (before turning it on) and water should come out in a very light stream. While pulling the trigger, start your pressure washer. 

3. Helpful tips
When power washing your house you want to be sure you aren’t causing any damage to the paint. Wash your house from a good distance away and move closer as you become more comfortable. If you begin to notice paint stripping then you want to change how you are washing.

If you are planning to paint your house, pressure washing is a vital step. If you do not clean a surface before painting then there is a good chance your paint will not properly bond with the surface.

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