How to Make a Garden Journal


A gardening journal is a smart way to keep track of all of those little things that we all seem to forget from year to year. Maybe you should have planted those blueberries a little later. A journal will keep you from repeating those garden blunders. It is a great tool to watch both you and your garden grow over the years!

For your journal, you can use any bound binder or journal. It is useful to keep different sections in your journal. For example, here are the four sections I have in my journal.

#1 Goals:

At the end of the gardening season, there will be things you want to accomplish the next year. Maybe you want to increase the size of your garden or add a permanent fence. By writing down your goals for the upcoming gardening season you will ensure that they will not be forgotten.

 #2 Entries:

Detailed and consistent entries are the key to building a successful garden. Everytime you garden or plan for your garden, write down what you are doing and the date which you are doing it.  Write down key things to remember for next year, like when you should start planting. Here is an example.

September 8th

“- I let the weeds overgrow my garden

– My beans are never-ending

-Raspberries galore! “

#3 Pictures: 

Using detailed sketches and pictures is a great way to keep a visual record of your garden. It is helpful to draw a diagram of your garden year-to-year. What did you plant where? Where are the trees and fences located? What areas do you get a lot of light throughout the day? A good sketch will record the answers to these questions.

Using Instagram you can create a visual journal. Then you can print your Instagram pictures and put them right in your journal! They are the perfect size!

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.17.45 AMScreen Shot 2017-02-27 at 11.18.08 AM

#4 Afterthoughts

This section is a detailed breakdown for each vegetable. it includes the vegetable and then one or two suggestions for planting this plant in the future. Those suggestions can include things you never want to repeat, try again, or do differently. Your afterthoughts will act as a summary page of your gardening experience.

Gardening is a pleasant and beneficial hobby. By using a gardening journal you will be all the more prepared for a great harvest!

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