Last Minute Christmas Decorations


Christmas can be a stressful time, especially if you are hosting for friends and family. Whether you want to add a little extra flare to your space or you totally forgot to decorate, here are 5 quick crafts to decorate for the holiday!


#1 Painted Pinecones

Take some pinecones from around

your yard (or the craft store) and roll them in some green paint. This will accent your pinecones in Christmas colors! You can also paint them entirely. These will look great on a shelf in a landscape format.


#2 Paper Ornaments

These ornaments can be made with fancy paper or even basic printer paper. You can check out the full tutorial for Paper Ornaments here! These ornaments will bring a sparkle to your room.

#3 Candy Cane Wreath

Your Winter Wonderland can begin at the front door! By glueing together candy canes together you c2233an create a pretty wreath. When you face two candy canes toward one another they look like a heart. Make a bunch of them into a circle and you get a pretty sweet wreath!

#4 Paper Snowflakes

Remember cutting out paper snowflakes in elementary school and hanging them around the room? While some decorations are timeless. You can hang these snowflakes or add them to your candy cane wreath! See the full tutorial here.


#5 String Art Christmas Tree

If you don’t have the space for a Christmas tree (or the money) then a string art Christmas tree is the right tree for you! You can see it done on Heather’s channel!



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