Water Colors, Oil, or Acrylic Paints: Which is Best for You?


Since it is a new year, why not start a new hobby? Painting is a great way to relax and channel your creativity! Before you begin creating masterpieces, you need to choose the style of paint you will be using.


Watercolors are a great option for any painter. They already come in a palette. Which means all you have to do is start painting with a wet brush. Painting supplies can be pricey. With watercolors, you can paint on paper which is cheaper than other surfaces that you may need when practicing other styles of painting.

watercolorThere are some difficulties with watercolors. For instance, there is a learning curve. It is a difficult style to learn. While painting itself is not costly, framing your work can. When framing watercolors you need to matte it and put it under glass. If you do not do this, then your precious work can fade over time!


Painting with oils is great for beginners. There are very intuitive, step-by-step processes. If you follow them you can end up with a great piece! Also, you can take a long time to work with your painting. Oils take a oilswhile to dry (It can take a week or longer). That means you can come back to your painting and add some color and blending.

As previously mentioned, oils take a while to dry. If you want to frame your oil painting you need to wait about 6 months. You will need to varnish them before you frame them. A varnish is a gloss that protects oil paintings.


Acrylics are very popular these days! Have you ever been to one of those events where you sip wine and learn to paint a specific painting? You were probably using acrylic paint. Acrylic paint is a fast-drying, plastic-based paint. This means that your paintings will be bright and durable. You can use acrylic paint on so many surfaces such as mailboxes, benches, and others!acry

Acrylic paint dries so fast that it can be difficult to adjust your painting as you go. One downside is that the paintings can have a ‘plasticky’ look to them. You can seal the painting with a matte varnish which can reduce that effect.


Gouache is an opaque watercolor paint. It can be used on paper just like normal watercolors. You can use it on any porous surface. The great thing about gouache is that you can use the techniques of acrylics or oils without wasting so much paint.

The downsides are similar to watercolors. It is not very durable which means that it is very susceptible fading. If you keep your works in a closed journal they will fade less. gou


Casein is made with a milk protein. It is very durable! Some people use it to give new life to old furniture because of its matte finish. So if you want to refinish some old furnish this is the paint of choice.  It has a beautiful vintage look to it. Once Casein dries, it dries permanently.


There are so many great painting options out there! While watercolors, oils, and acrylics are among the most popular paints there are still plenty to choose from. Painting is a great hobby to start this year. There are so many online tutorials that will teach you how to create masterpieces! Check out some great painting tutorials at The Frugal Crafter.

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