How To Choose Exterior Colors For Your House


Thinking of giving your home a facelift? Changing the colors of your house is a perfect way to spruce things up. Color trends come and go. With exterior house colors, they can last a few years. So don’t worry, you don’t have to paint your house every season. Here is a quick look at what is trending right now.

The Big Trend:

Grays and whites are the most popular trend right now. You will find that most of the interior is gray and all of the trim is white. This is because gray looks good with very few colors. The white trim helps to break up the grey while giving a clean look to the home.


While white trim helps to break up gray on a house, using different textures of gray does wonders! Even if the shade of gray is the same, using different textures and patterns can make a world of difference. house1

There are so many ways to accent a gray exterior. While some homes use varying styles of gray, others use bold colors to accent their home. A popular trend is to paint bright colors on the front door. This bright contrast grabs the eye of any passerby. house2

When you are picking colors for your exterior always consider your roof and the landscape. Some grays may not look great with your roof. Also, you can try to match your front door to some of the bushes trees in your front yard.

Don’t these houses look amazing? From the clean and simple, to the bright and bold, it is easy to see why gray exteriors are such a big deal! If you are interested in learning another painting tip, check out how to paint lines perfectly.

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