8 Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter


Winter is almost here! Is your car ready for the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures? There is still time to winterize your car. These tips will help your winter go by a little smoother.

#1 Check Your Tire Pressure
In the morning, check the air pressure in your tires. Make sure that you have enough air in the morning. As the temperature of the tires change, the ass1ir can expand and contract. Adjusting the pressure while your tires are the coldest means your tires will have enough air at all points of the day.

#2 Change Your Car’s Washer Fluid
Use the washer fluid you have in your car and then replace it with a fluid that is rated for lower temperatures. This will keep your fluid from freezing.

#3 Test the Temperature Rating of Your Antifreeze
Antifreeze helps to keep maintain a proper temperature in your car. In the winter, it will keep your vehicle from freezing up. To test the rating of your antifreeze go to the parts store and purchase an antifreeze tester. Dip the tester into your antifreeze, suck up some of the liquid, take it out and read it. Most testers will have detailed instruction on how to read them.

#4 Check the Rest of Your Fluids
Since you are already under the hood of your car, you might as well check the other fluids. It is a good idea to check the following car fluids to avoid being stranded in the cold. If you want to learn about changing your oil, click here.

  • Oil
  • Radiator Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Coolant
  • Washer Fluidss3

#5 Check Your Car Battery
Take your car battery to the parts store or a mechanic to get it tested. You want to make sure that the battery is strong enough to survive the winter months.

#6 Apply Rain-x to the Windshield
Rain-x will form a layer of protection between the windshield and the ice or snow. This will make getting the snow and ice off of your car a little easier.

#7 Check Your Wiper Blades
Check your windshield wipers. Inspect them for any cracks or deterioration. Specifically, check the rubber blade. Seeing can be very difficult in snowy conditions. Good wiper blades will enable you to drive better in those nasty conditions.

#8 Apply Vaseline to the Door Seal
If you park your car outside during the winter then your doors may freeze to the rubber seal of your car. To prevent this, add a little vaseline to the rubber seal of your door. This will prevent your doors from sticking.

Winter conditions can make every part of owning a car more difficult. The elements affect your car whether you are driving it or parking it overnight. Make sure you have taken all of the necessary precautions for this winter. In addition, make sure you have replaced any tail lights that are out.

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