3 Ways to Transform Ugly Spaces in Your Home


It takes a lot of work to make our living space beautiful! Some parts are more glamorous than others. Cover up the unsightly parts of your places with these Three transformation ideas.

#1 Buy a Box for Your Cablesscreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-34-26-am
Purchase a cable storage box to hide your tangled up cables. These nifty inventions allow you to plug all of your electronics into one place while hiding the eyesore that power strips can create.

#2 Accent Intercoms and Thermostats
Purchase a small frame that can frame a wall mounted intercom or thermostat. Obviously, you can’t always get rid of the utility items on your walls. This is just one quick way to integrate these things into the design of your space.

#3 Cover That Electric Box
Since an electric box is built into your wall you don’t have much say on where it goes. Luckily you can always buy a large picture or hand-made painting to cover it up. This will help your space be more inviting!






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