Using Stencils and Masks | Learn to Paint with Lindsay.


Itching to learn some new art techniques? Lindsay teaches you how to paint fall-themed artwork using acrylic paint, stencil, and Con-Tact paper!learn-to

For this project, simply paint a background  culmination of colors in the theme you like. Lindsay uses greens, reds and yellows to create a flowing fall effect. You could add purple, burgundy, blues or any color to create your own!


To add your leaves, you can either take leaves from your yard, or cut some from contact paper. Lay them accross your background in any pattern you’d like. Overlay your canvas with the color you’d like to use for your new background! Your colors will now form the coloring of your leaves. Here Lindsay use black for a Halloween/Fall style painting.


After your background color is done, you can choose to use a stencil to add a layering effect.


Lastly, you can remove your stencils and contact paper to reveal the leaves underneath.lindsay-5


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