How To Insulate Drafty Windows for Winter – Save Money on Heating


As the days get colder and colder heating your home can become expensive. That cost can get even higher if you have a few drafty windows. Replacing your windows is a huge investment, and if you’re not ready to make that this year, we have an alternative that has worked for tons of families! Insulating your windows is insulate_your_windows-1inexpensive and easy to do. It will save you a decent amount of money, especially if you have a long winter ahead of you.

Here is what you will need:

Step #1 – Clean Around the Window and the Window Frame and Let Dry
This ensures that no debris get stuck behind the insulation or prevent the adhesive from sealing to your window.


Step #2 – Apply Double-Sided Tape to the inside of the Window
The process starts with applying the double-sided tape to the edges of the window, then exposing the opposite side of the tape so the sticky side is ready for the Bubble Wrap!


Step #3 – Cut Your Bubble Wrap
Next, measure your window and cut out the proper amount of bubble wrap


Step #4 – Line Window with Bubble Wrap (Optional – Provides Extra Insulation!)

Press the bubble wrap on the double-sided tape. Add bubble wrap from top to bottom and work left to right. Make sure to overlap your pieces of bubble wrap and then add tape.


Step #5 – Apply Double-Sided Tape to Outside of the Window

This time, standing inside, apply double-sided tape to the frame/walls or trim around your window and expose the opposite side of the sticky tape.


Step #6 – Add Plastic Insulation and Blow Dry!

Finally, cut out your insulation plastic to the size of your window (it’s better if the plastic is an inch bigger than your window). Then attach it to an outer layer of double sided tape starting from one corner and working your way down and across to prevent wrinkles. Once this is done, you may want to work out any tiny wrinkles in the plastic, so you’ll just need a hair dryer! Heat up the plastic standing about 12 inches back from it with your hair dryer and you’ll start to see the plastic tighten.

Doesn’t that sound easy? With each new season come more house projects. Maybe you need to clean your gutters or winterize your garden. We want to help make these projects simple and possible to get done in a few hours so be sure to check out our other tips!

Solve the problem of drafty windows and keep your heat in this winter! And save money in the process.

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