How to Clean Your Own Gutters


Winter is almost here and it is bringing rain and snow! To prepare for the season it is essential to make sure your gutters, downspouts, and drains are working properly. When cleaning your gutters always be focused on safety. If you have doubts regarding your ability to climb a ladder or to stand heights you should hire a licensed and insured contractor to do this for you.

Helpful Tools to Have:

Step#1: Clear the Debris

There are two main ways to clear the debris from your gutters. The first is to climb your latter until you can reach into your gutters. Then clear out as much of the debris as you can from that position. Then, dismount your ladder, move it to another spot and repeat the process until all of the debris is removed. Another method is to climb onto your roof and use a small leaf blower to remove all of the debris. Only do this if the conditions are safe and the pitch of your roof is not too steep.

Step#2: Check the Gutters for Damage

Go around your gutters and check all of the hanging spikes. You may need to hammer some of them back into place. Check your gutters to see if the downspouts are attached correctly. Are there any breaks, seams, or irregular spaces that need to be caulked?

Make sure you place a gutter strainer into the downspout. This will prevent debris from clogging the downspout. Before you get down, check the pitch of your gutter with a level. Basically, you want the gutter to be slightly angled toward the downspout. If you don’t have a level, place a small ball in the gutter and see if it rolls toward the downspout. This ensures that water is not just sitting in the gutter until but moving toward the drains.

Step#3: Inspect the Downspouts and Drains

Work your way down from the gutters to the downspouts. Make sure downspouts are attached properly to the gutter and to the house. Check for missing screws, clips, and unwanted spaces. Make all of the minor repairs you need to. Finally, check the bottom of the downspout. If you have a drainage system, make sure that the downspout is properly connected to the drain.

If there is spacing between your downspout and drain, measure the difference between the downspout and the drain. Remove the cap from the old drainage pipe. Measure the proper length of new drainage pipe to connect your downspout to the drain. Then simply cut it out.  Slide the drainage pipe cap on the gutter, place the new drainage pipe down, and then slide the cap down onto the drainage pipe.

The more care you take to check your gutter system the better it will pay off in the winter. If this task seems too risky for you, take some time to find a proper contractor for this project. Since you are already out there, you might as well take some time to get your garden ready for winter! If you found this tutorial helpful subscribe to our channel, Home and Garden For Mere Mortals


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