What can you do for your garden in the winter?

What can you do for your garden in the winter?

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Winter can be tough for a gardener. As the temperature drops and the snow falls, the itch to get outside and begin planting can become unbearable. Luckily, there is a very important gardening step that you can do in this winter season to make planting in the spring a breeze! Before you even begin to buy your seeds and tools, you must plan out your garden!


Mapping Your Garden

Step 1: Make a Garden Grid

Grab a piece of paper with grid lines on it. You may want to draw a grid on a blank piece of paper so that you can write around it. Ensure that your grid is the same dimensions of your garden. Treat each square as a 1 square foot. Then draw in any obstacles that will create shadows in your garden (a tree or a fence).

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Step 2: Shade in Shadows

Observe any shadows that are created during your daylight hours. How many feet of shadow do your trees and fences create on your garden? Once you figure that out, lightly shade your garden map to reflect those shadows.

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Step 3: Design Your Garden

Begin to draw off sections where you will be planting. Draw rectangles in your garden to represent your plants. Make sure to leave aisles to walk through (about 3ft). This will ensure that you can move about your garden and clearly see what is planted where. As you draw in your plants, make sure to account for space your plants will take up once they have grown. If plants are too close they will compete for sunlight and nutrients.Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.14.51 AM

Mapping out your garden ahead of time will make life a lot easier. When you are ready to plant, you will have a beautifully organized garden. Make sure you know when to start planting! Be sure to check out other great gardening, cooking, and DIY videos at Home and Garden For Mere Mortals.


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