How to Plant a Veggie Garden

How to Plant a Veggie Garden

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Growing your own veggie garden is fun and easy. It’s a great project for the whole family and and best of all, home grown vegetables taste so much better than store-bought! If you’ve never started your own veggie garden, or think you don’t have a green thumb, Warren will get you planting and growing in no time.

A raised bed provides the best drainage and is the best way to avoid fungal problems and insect attacks. Just build a simple wood frame and fill it with soil.


Improve the soil with compost or manure. Mix some good organic material into the soil.


Sprinkle in some slow-release fertilizer.


Adding mulch will help protect the soil from drying out and keep it at a more even temperature.


Dig tiny holes to set plants into.


Tease out any tangled, bunched-up roots.


Water frequently for the first week or so to help the seedlings get established.


And that’s all there is. Good luck with your veggie garden and happy gardening!


  1. Have you done a straw bale veggie garden? We want to put one of these in our back yard because we’re tall and hate bending over plans. 🙂

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